King Midas Pure Platinum Pre-workout


Do you want a quality pre-workout product that will help you become bigger, stronger, and an absolute force to be reckoned with? Or will you sell yourself short in this most important time in your life with products that give you nothing more than a quick buzz, a hard crash, and potentially cause counterproductive results?

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This formula raises the bar by providing you with only what you need to achieve you more strength – made with select banned substance free ingredients, including caffeine from only natural sources (tea and coffee bean) to help dial in intense energy, mental alertness, and sharp focus before you hit the gym. King Midas Pre-Workout is also made with only premium ingredients including Beta-Alanine, which supports your intramuscular buffering system to help you train harder, longer and

King MIdas Pre-workout offer two flavors: Available in options such as Red Apple, and Watermelon, King Midas Pre-Workout leaves all other pre-workouts behind on performance AND taste. You take your workouts and performance seriously. Don’t settle for a second place product, get the legit pre-workout that’s as GOOD AS PLATINUM!

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Red Apple, Watermelon